They are the pvc profiles to be used with the windows of pvc door and window systems with a height greater than 2 meters which are bigger than a pvc window sashes and smaller than pvc door wings. They are expecially manufactured to be used with French windows. Sash profiles of pvc joinery used in the windows with a height of 2 meters or more and which are not used as doors, are too small for window sashes and can’t bear the wind load, but the door wings are too big and they block the view. Narrow locking door profiles have been developed in order to overcome those obstacles and to establish the required wind-load strength. They are especially used with balcony doors. Although the FWG locking door espagnolettes are narrow, they can be perfectly applied to these profiles. 


As we have switched to the 13 axis door and window systems in our s60 and s70 series, a metal (zamak) striker for the 13 axis system is required. Therefore, the new expagnolette striker has been added to our range of products. This espagnolette striker which has been designed as single screw can be easily and safely used aith all pvc window applications and accessories. 


The upper and lower plastic caps of the sash adapter profile used in the double-sash pvc window and door systems, also known as the mobile meeting rail pvc profile within the sector, have changed due to the switch to 13 axis in the s60 and s70 series and have been adapted to conform with the 13 axis system. Therefore, the new 13 axis sash adapter caps to be manufactured in white and in color have been added to our range of products. The sash adapter caps to be widely used with French windows and especially with double sash window and door systems is a cap system compliant with the 13 axis sash adapter profile and which can be easily mounted and fixed with a single screw.


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