Having the superior insulation properties of all series of Winhouse, the pioneer of the sector and export leader, is much easier with the secure payment system PAYNET.

You have the opportunity to purchase on credit with terms of up to 36 months through the Pay Kredi module at Winhouse sales points with Paynet agreements.

Special for the beginning of the campaign, up to 5 months interest-free loan for 5,000 TL with maturities up to 36 months. Without a credit card limit or debit card, install your purchases in terms up to 36 months, some of which are interest-free and some in line with market interest rates.

Interest rates:

  • 1.89% per month for up to 12 months
  • 1.99% per month for 12-36 months

By exemplifying our campaign conditions;

Make a purchase of 30,000 TL, if you wish, pay 5.000 TL in 5 interest-free installments, or if you wish, pay the remaining 25.000 TL in installments of up to 36 months in total, at the above interest rates. You too for the first 5 months 1.000 + 1.043 TL = 2.043 TL; Upgrade to Winhouse privilege with this great advantage by paying 1,043 installments in the remaining months, and relax.

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