Shutterbox Shutter Systems

Shutterbox Shutter Systems which perfectly fit all kinds of projects, are monoblock shutter systems that do not exceed to exterior surface of the buildings and applied on windows. With its lamination options, aesthetic appearance and functionality, it offers architectural and decorative solutions to meet your expectations.

Shutterbox shutter systems consist of 3 box systems with different sizes.

  • 155 mm Shutter Box
  • 195 mm Shutter Box
  • 220 mm Shutter Box

Shutterbox Shutter systems are designed to fit all window and door sizes from the highest openings to the lowest openings with 3 different box sizes.

Shutterbox Shutter Systems are Suitable for the use of PVC and aluminum slats from 37 mm to 55 mm.

The system can be applied to sliding systems thanks to its detailed profiles and designed to fit the application of blinds and pleated insect screens together with the shutter.

With Shutterbox shutter systems, thanks to the motors which can be used in the box, you can operate your shutters with a button or a remote controller.

Shutterbox shutter systems add value to the structure in which it is applied thanks to the heat, sound insulation and extra burglary protection it provides.

General Features of Shutter Systems;

  • Shutter boxes consist of only 2 different profiles.
  • It provides easy and defect-free installation thanks to the pins located on the side cover and the middle bearings.
  • All 3 box profiles have common middle rail and edge rails.
  • Thanks to its two-piece outer cover, it is suitable for internal-external different color applications.
  • Use of special aluminum laths to increase the resistance of shutter boxes against sunlight is possible.
  • Thanks to the detailed profiles, the sliding and insect screen systems can be used with the shutter system.

Shutter Systems Box Winding Dimensions:

220 mm Shutter Box

Type (mm)
Max. Winding
Height (mm)
Recommended Max.
Width (mm)
37 mm PVC 40 4.000 1.200
60 4.000
52 mm PVC 60 2.800 1.500
39 mm Aluminum 40 4.000 2.000
60 4.000
41 mm Aluminum 40 3.250 2.000
60 3.250
45 mm Aluminum 40 3.250 2.000
60 3.250
55 mm Alm. 60 2.000 2.200

195 mm Roller Shutter Box


Type (mm)
Max. Winding
Height (mm)
Recommended Max.
Width (mm)
37 mm PVC 40 3.000 1.200
60 2.900
52 mm PVC 60 2.000 1.500
39 mm Alm. 40 3.000 2.000
60 2.700
41 mm Aluminum 40 2.200 2.000
60 2.000
45 mm Aluminum 40 2.000 2.000
60 2.000
55 mm Aluminum 60 1.750 2.200

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)

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