Privilege of installment options up to 12 months at Contracted Winhouse Sales Points. Moreover, it is also possible to pay with debit card and BKM Express.

Up to 12 monthly installments for World, Bonus credit cards

Up to 8 monthly installments for Maximum, Card Finans, Paraf, Denizbank, Bankakart Combo, Sağlam Kart, Albaraka, Miles&Smiles credit cards

  • The opportunity of payment with interest free installments up to 12 months for all credit cards 
  • Secure and practical payment infrastructure licensed by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
  • Advantage of payment with BKM Express and debit cards
  • Technological infrastructure that allows remote collection even if the card holder is not with you   
  • Continuous 24/7 technical support (444 7 729)
  • Option to pay with foreign bank credit cards
  • Paynet payment system is valid in our contracted dealers

Please click for a list of contracted Winhouse Dealers.


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