PVC window systems can vary depending on the characteristics of the region they are used in. India and countries of South America, Africa and Middle East usually prefer “smaller profiles” or “outside opening” systems. Winhouse generates new solutions through “Andes” and “Andes Slide” systems specially designed for these regions.


Mullion Profile of Andes Window System is also used as outside opening sash profile. Since the width of Andes is 38 mm and its depth indoors is 36 mm, a small amount of profile is seen while we have a larger view of the outside benefitting from the sunlight more at the same time. 21 different color options are available for lamination in the system. Wood or aluminum effect can be achieved through lamination and thus, PVC windows matching the interior and the exterior of buildings can be manufactured.

System Features

  • Andes Window System has a frame, a mullion and two different glazing bead profiles. Mullion Profile can also be used as outside opening sash profile.
  • The system has two different glazing bead profiles that can be used in 5 and 20 mm-glass thickness. In cases where 24 cm glass is demanded, the main profile can be applied without using the seal.
  • Profiles of Andes Window System have a profile width of 38 mm. 
  • Locking is achieved through handle as transom system is used in Andes Window System. Outside opening is performed with the help of the latch on the sash handle. Sash is locked through that the locking element on the frame tightens the handle latch.
  • Andes Sliding System has a frame profile width of 60 mm which can operate in harmony with Andes Window System.
  • Andes Sliding System has Sliding Frame Profile, Sliding Lining Frame Profile, Sliding Fix Frame Profile, Sliding Three Track Frame Profile and Sliding Frame Profile with Fly Screen, which can provide different solutions in different applications. 
  • In Andes Sliding System, fixed windows can be made by using the Fix Frame Profile. Developed especially for this aim, Sliding Fix Horizontal Mullion Profile is used as a mullion within the fix frame and thus, fixed glass can be applied in lower or upper parts.
  • In order to make fixed joineries above or below the sliding frame, a “Frame Connection Profile” has been developed that connects the frames of Andes Sliding and Andes 38 mm.
  • Special lining profiles designed for Andes frame and Andes Sliding frame profiles are available in the system.
  • Post box profiles and connection profiles have been included in the system in order to offer solutions for different architectural applications.

Performance Features of the Windows System

Reinforcement steels, one of the most significant points for achievement of the required resistance values, have been designed in a way that it can provide the necessary inertia values. Thus, the system can provide necessary wind load, water and air impermeability in the area in which it will be used.

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)

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