Thousands of Fırat products such as PVC Door and Window Profiles, PVC Rain Gutters, PVC Drinking Water Pipes and Drain Pipes and Fittings , PVC Deep Well Pipes, PVC Hose Pipe Groups, Rubber and PE-based Hose Pipes, PPRC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings, PP Composite Pipes and Fittings, HDPE Pipes and Fittings, LDPE Pipes and Fittings, EF Fittings, PE Fittings, PE 80 Natural Gas Pipes, Drainage Pipes, Double-Walled Cable Protection Pipes, EPDM Packing Production, Metal Injection Production (hinges and window connection elements), PEX Mobile System and Floor Heating Pipes, Pex Al Pex Pipes and PPSU Fittings, Weeping Irrigation Pipes give service in numerous parts of Turkey and around the world.

Fırat is the only company in the world plastic sector which produces all of the elements, except for glass and screws, which constitute PVC Window and Door Systems. Since for PVC Windows and Doors to be hundred percent compatible with each other is only possible by their being produced under the same roof, Fırat produces integratedly all of PVC Profiles, EPDM Packings, Reinforment Plates and Metal Accessories at its own plants.

With the “Bosphorus Crossing Project” which takes place within the scope of Melen Project, Fırat has beaten a world record by producing PE 100 pipes which have 1200 mm diameter, 110 mm wall thickness and are 16 bar pressure resistant, and by carrying drinking water from the Asian side of İstanbul to the European side with the capacity of 300,000m3/day. Fırat has succeeded again in being the first company to produce 500 meter long seamless PE 100 pipes. The PE 100 pipes which are going to be used in the sea water distillation plant in Libya have 1400 mm diameter, 55 mm wall thickness and resistance to 6.4 bar pressure. Fırat has started for the first time in this part of the world seamless pipe production necessary for monolines with 500 meter long 6 seamless PE 100 pipes which were taken to Libya by being floated on the sea.

Fırat produces FKS canalization pipes, the testable operating life of which reaches 100 years. These pipes which can be produced up to 3600 mm diameter from HDPE (high density polyethylene) raw material are resistant against ground motions, gnawers, plant roots and chemical wastes. FKS pipes are manufactured using the technology and under the licence of Krah which is a German company.

Double-Walled Triplex Pipes again which are manufactured in Fırat facilities and used in outdoor installations and below-ground are mainly used in sewer lines, and alsa in domestic connections, rain water drainage lines, industrial waste water installations, water conveying pipes and drainage systems. Triplex pipes has great advantages such as high flow performance, external load resistance, long operating life, transport and storage convenience, being economic, endurance against chemical substances, price and maintenance convenience, imperviousness and filter-free operation choice.

In order to meet the ever-increasing need for pipes with large diameter and high working pressure, Fırat has developed FCS pipe system which is a new system that offers a working pressure up to 10 bars. FCS pipe systems by which all the pipe diameters between 800 mm and 4000 mm can be manufactured have become an important solution option for the infrastructure needs thanks to their characteristics of being light, electro-fusion welding, easy and speedy lying.

Fırat is capable of conducting raw material analysis; the tests of welding, heavy rain and wind resistance, blow and milled blow resistance, compression, shear and break-off strength, ring rigidity (strength of FKS and Triplex pipes against soil load) in the state-of-the-art test and analysis laboratories of its sector. Our products are offered to the service of our customers only after they win the Quality Approval.

After all the quality control tests are completed, Fırat products are offered to the market with Fırat Quality Assurance Confirmation”. Fırat is the only company of the sector which holds international quality certificates such as RAL, GOST, SKZ, BDS, SABS, EMI, DVGW, TSE as well as all of the system certificates which are ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. As an environmentally friendly manufacturer, Fırat holds ISO 14000 Environment Management System Certificate.

Fırat products have achieved customer satisfaction in more than 90 countries and have taken the position they deserve. To utilize all its sources, develop, grow and struggle to achieve perfection and excellence through advanced technology are the objectives of Fırat. As a natural result of Fırat’s objective of achieving perfection and excellence, our products are preferred thanks to their being reliable, strong, easily accessible, easy-to-use and providing aftersale support.


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