To briefly define or process;

  • The complaints are obtained through our web site, over the phone, fax and e-mails, or in person.
  • As soon as the complaint is being received, our customer representative send a confirmation of the receipt of the complaint via phone or message.
  • By making the first evaluation of the complaint the issue is being forwarded to the related expert.
  • Our expert conducts an investigation about the reasons of complaint before getting in contact with the customer.
  • By getting in touch with the customer, our expert presents the implementations, which would solve the problem and agrees with our customer and starts the implementation to solve the problem.
  • After the problem is being solved, he contacts the customer to check whether the dissatisfaction has been cured.
  • If the problem is solved, he closes the complaint, if not he restarts the process until the customer satisfaction is assured.
  • Although the complaint would be closed by taking the approval from the customer, 25% of the total number of customers, who have posted a complaint, are being called on a monthly basis and their level of satisfaction is being measured by our customer representative.
  • In case the customer would have any complaint during the process of complaint, about the personel, dealing with the situation, a proceedings is being kept about our personel and the issue is placed under inspection.
  • Through our toll free line, all of the communications with our customers are being recorded.

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